Photo Gallery for Avito

In 2014–2015 Avito's mobile website went through a series of transformations and significantly ramped up its feature offering. One of the things that I worked on was reworked image gallery on a classified ad page.

The gallery had two screen modes: in-page and fullscreen, the user could transition between them at any time. In fullscreen mode the user could manipulate the zoom by either pinching or double tapping a picture. The pagination indicator from the in-page mode transformed into a thumbnail strip. The strip could be used to preview the images and navigate between them.

Full playthrough of gallery prototype showing different types of interaction and transitions

I used Pixate for prototyping all the interactions and animations. Its advanced object dependencies control was ideal to get all the small things right, such as taking into account thumbnail strip position on a transition to a new image. If the strip was previously scrolled and the new position is out of screen bounds, the strip will automatically scroll so the new image's thumbnail will be visible.

In 2015 Pixate got acquired by Google and was subsequently closed in 2016 making the prototype unavailable.