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Vadim Vaitenko

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Design Systems

for Babbel, 2019–2021

Various variants of TextField component of Babbel's Design System

SqncBrk Rebirth

personal project, 2018–2019

SqncBrk's key graphic: floating in the air writing in pixel-art style

Your Activity

for Babbel, 2018

Screenshot of a week overview widget with learner's activity (lessons and reviews)

Mobile Vertical

for MoneyMap, 2017

Screenshot of a phone selection card in MoneyMap's mobile contract switching journey

Project Adele

for ZenMate, 2016

Key detail of refreshed ZenMate's UI: circular button with company's logo. The circular “ripples” coming out of it

Early Prototype

for ZenMate, 2015

Simple visual solution of ZenMate's browser extension: a popup with a focus on “turn on” switch

Help Bot

for Avito, 2015

Friendly cartoon robot avatar of Avito's help bot

Photo Gallery

for Avito, 2014–2015

Fragment of new Avito's image gallery: a strip of miniature previews

All Guides

plugin for Sketch, 2014

Cartoon picture of a “poof” cloud


for World of Warcraft, 2010–2011

Various states of Wandelust, minimap addon for World of Warcraft