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Vadim Vaitenko

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Design Systems

for Babbel, 2019–2021

Various variants of TextField component of Babbel's Design System

SqncBrk Rebirth

personal project, 2018–2019

SqncBrk's key graphic: floating in the air writing in pixel-art style

Design Systems

for Preply, 2021–2022

case study coming soon-ish

Screenshot of foundations section of Preply's design system websites

Mobile Vertical

for MoneyMap, 2017

Screenshot of a phone selection card in MoneyMap's mobile contract switching journey

Your Activity

for Babbel, 2018

Screenshot of a week overview widget with learner's activity (lessons and reviews)

Project Adele

for ZenMate, 2016

Key detail of refreshed ZenMate's UI: circular button with company's logo. The circular “ripples” coming out of it

Early Prototype

for ZenMate, 2015

Simple visual solution of ZenMate's browser extension: a popup with a focus on “turn on” switch

Help Bot

for Avito, 2015

Friendly cartoon robot avatar of Avito's help bot


for World of Warcraft, 2010–2011

Various states of Wandelust, minimap addon for World of Warcraft

Photo Gallery

for Avito, 2014–2015

Fragment of new Avito's image gallery: a strip of miniature previews

All Guides

plugin for Sketch, 2014

Cartoon picture of a “poof” cloud